This fly is based on the famous Teppesilda. The original is a herring imitation. The pattern uses craft fur. I will soon be back with more on this.


Sea trout…

This is Kelly. A famous nordic pattern for sea trout fishing.

Hook: Mustad C52S sz.4

Tail: Mallard or teal

Rib: Silver

Body: White ice dub

Bodyhackle: Grizzly

Front: Seal fur and mallard/teal

First time fly fishing…

I went on the first fly fishing trip with the kid on sunday. The weather was very good and spring is taking hold. The kid is very interested and he wanted to try his own fly. He is just 6 years old,but a good learner. I rigged my Orvis Clearwater #3 because it’s a very light and easy to cast rod. The water temperaturewas very low so we did not catch anything, but he tried his first casts. It is so great to teach children to like the outdoors and also very important. The trip was great and after a while he lost patience and started to focus on the hatching stone flies instead.

Full Rabbit Zonk…

Late last night I tied this one. It’s most likely been done before, but I can’t remember seeing in this way. I think of this primarily as a baitfish and I wanted to it as a big one. It will probably do great as an imitation of different worms (N: Børstemark) Rabbit zonkers tend to get very heavy, but when tied in this style it will not be too heavily dressed. I guess a cone head in front would be great also. Hook is Mustad C52S sz.2. Use any color of rabbit strips.

First tie in the selected rabbit strip for the back. Secure it with varnish or glue. Remember to leave enough on both ends.

Now select the main color of the body. Use a paper clip as shown. Do not use to much at the time. I use a split thread. There are several brands out there. Mine comes from The Silk Lady(Staffan Lindstrom).

Spin the fur and start winding. Pull back the hairs as you tie it in. Use a brush.

Select the collar fur and repeat.

Time to tie in the back strip and finish the fly.


There are thousands of variants of the Wooly Bugger out there. Here is one more. I tie this one for sea trout. This pattern is essential in your box. This post is also a test using the ipad for photos. It’s not a real sbs, but I want to see if it works.

Tie in a good bunch of marabou. Adjust the lenght and tie in a piece of mono (thin). The mono will be used for securing the hackle later. I use mottled marabou for this one. Thread is red UNI. 

Prepare the hackle as shown in here. I use a hackle from the back of a grizzly-neck.

Tie the hackle tip down and secure with some varnish. 

Dub the body with dubbing of choice. I use uv ice dubbing here. Remember to leave room for the eyes in front. Tie in the bead chain eyes.

Wrap the hackle evenly and follow with the mono. Try not to tie down to many hackle fibers. It can be fixed later, but still. I use epoxy for the head of the fly.