Sea trout…

This is Kelly. A famous nordic pattern for sea trout fishing.

Hook: Mustad C52S sz.4

Tail: Mallard or teal

Rib: Silver

Body: White ice dub

Bodyhackle: Grizzly

Front: Seal fur and mallard/teal


First time fly fishing…

I went on the first fly fishing trip with the kid on sunday. The weather was very good and spring is taking hold. The kid is very interested and he wanted to try his own fly. He is just 6 years old,but a good learner. I rigged my Orvis Clearwater #3 because it’s a very light and easy to cast rod. The water temperaturewas very low so we did not catch anything, but he tried his first casts. It is so great to teach children to like the outdoors and also very important. The trip was great and after a while he lost patience and started to focus on the hatching stone flies instead.