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11 thoughts on “LINKS & FRIENDS

  1. god afternoon Mr. Bakslengen. In the first place my compliment about your flytying. I have a question. As I am goiing to Glomma and atna river in end of augus for one week. can you help me with the pattern .
    Looking forwards to your answer.
    kind regards Theo Mientjes Holland

  2. a wonderfull website, nice to see such wonderful flytying standards, Mr. Bakslengen. i need some help. Im tying flies for the guys going to fish the world championships in Norway, but i need some help with some ideas on whats going to work.
    Ryan Wojt

    • Hello,Ryan!
      Thank you for your kind words. Well, I think most of the trout flies here on my blog will do the job. I am not familiar with the specific area of the championship,but it should not be very different from other places. I will advice you to tie a lot of caddis. Focus on the Superpuppan,Emergent Sparkle Pupa, E-12 and then the rest…off course in a contest bead heads and nymphs in general are needed:)

  3. good afternoon MR. Bakslengen. GOT YOUR MESSAGE. HOWEVER i do not understand the language. tight lines. THEO

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