Well,its one of those nights…

Late Night 7

These are just what I ended up with this evening. The idea is that the cdc will catch a great deal of airbubbles on the way down,and give the impression of a diving caddis,but when tied in a variety of colors it represents a small baitfish. I also tried to do a series of photos of the fly. This is not a step-by.step…

 I will tie it in many different color variations,using it as an attractor in rivers. It might be a really good searching pattern. Who knows?

Now,for some Tom Waits…I think “Nighthawks at the diner” will do tonite. You know,warm beer and cold women…


Late Night 1

Late Night 2


Late Night 4

Late Night 5

Late Night 6









ABU Optic – A streamer of tremendous killing power…

Abu Opti Streamer

Back in the days when fly tying was still a bit mystical here in Scandinavia Abu launched this streamer. Bead chain-eyes was a revolution. I remember tying a lot of these for a customer in the 80`s. He prefered it in hot orange and gold. I caught quite a few fish on it myself. Today fly tyers can create super-realistic creations and we have a wast amount of materials to choose from. Back then there were not a single bead chain left in any office around town. I targeted the post office for the most part myself. Simplicity works…besides they have cool names!


I believe this is from a late 70`s or early 80`s catalogue (ABU)

A help from the dentist…

This is actually a dentists tool. They need to be accurate in their work,much in the same way fly tyers (sometimes) need to. I use this when preparing wings for streamers and wet flies, and in particular when tying Catskill-style. The tool is not expensive and you can probably get one from your dentist. Choose from either the used or the mint condition category.

Heckham Peckham Green…

The Heckham Peckham is yet another pattern from Aberdeen fly dresser William Murdoch. Originally a sea-trout patter,but works great for trout. When the wind blows tall and the mayflies are hiding in the bushes this thing might to the trick. I choose to tie it with a seal fur body,altough many use floss. I think it´s a free choice and up to the eye of the tyer. I think it is one of the most beautiful classic wet flies. This is also tied in tribute to one of my mentors,Per Rune C.,as this was one of his favourite patterns back in the old days. I usually tie up a few for the season. Nice to have if the bad weather hits you in the mountains,besides there are also sentimental reasons to carry this pattern in my box.