Today was a good day…

Slette 1

Ole P. & Kristian  doing their best…

Ole 4

OP 1

Ole P. ready to net the first brownie of the year…

OP 2

Nice trout,but still a little thin after this years very long winter…

OP 3

This was supposed to be a fisherman and trout pose,but the trout was in a hurry…


How long does it take…?


I always wonder why people throw things around them when camping or fishing. Everywhere one goes you can see traces and garbage after human activity, even in the most remote places. Recently I found this list on how long it takes for nature to decompose our waste. Something to think about before we start our fishing season. Always bring your garbage home, and always make sure your camp site is clean when you leave! Recycle…

How Long does it take to Decompose:
Paper Towel – 2-4 weeks
Banana Peel – 3-4 weeks
Paper Bag – 1 month
Newspaper – 1.5 months
Apple Core – 2 months
Cardboard – 2 months
Cotton Glove – 3 months
Orange peels – 6 months
Plywood – 1-3 years
Wool Sock – 1-5 years
Milk Cartons – 5 years
Cigarette Butts – 10-12 years
Leather shoes – 25-40 years
Tinned Steel Can – 50 years
Foamed Plastic Cups – 50 years
Rubber-Boot Sole – 50-80 years
Plastic containers – 50-80 years
Aluminum Can – 200-500 years
Plastic Bottles – 450 years
Disposable Diapers – 550 years
Monofilament Fishing Line – 600 years
Plastic Bags – 200-1000 years